Wrap Up In a Custom Embroidered Beach Towel

Custom beach towels can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be used as promotional materials, in hotels as bath or spa towels or privately at home. A custom embroidered beach towel can be quite a treat for a company or an individual since they will be personalized with photos or text. To ensure that these custom beach towels are long lasting, we suggest using embroidery and also following close instructions for laundering. However, there are times when it is more appropriate to use embroidery for these towels instead of silk screening - and vice versa. We will discuss these times and the reasons below.

Embroidery was previously very expensive and time consuming as each piece was individually stitched. Luckily, machines have made embroidery much more efficient, but the same type of care must be taken to ensure the longevity of embroidered materials. While embroidery rivals silk screening in terms of time, it is still dependent on the type of fabric it is used on, as well as the image or text it will create.

For example, materials like fleece benefit from embroidery because the stitches can sewn directly into the fabric, while with silk screening the ink may not adhere properly. Embroidery is preferred for delicate images and can be quite beautiful when done correctly. It is also preferred for logos and text since it creates a crisp, durable finish.

On the other hand, custom beach towels should be silk screened if they are made of materials like cotton and polyester. These materials accept silk screening well, but other materials that do not have smooth fibers will result in a blurred image.

Before purchasing custom towels, determine the material you'd like to use. Once this has been decided, it will be easier to choose between embroidery or silk screening. If you find yourself in a jam and you can't decide which to choose, contact our customer representatives for additional help.