Embroidery or Silk Screening - Which Should You Choose for Custom Towels?

If you have chosen custom beach towels for use at a family reunion, for example, or as promotional materials at a company retreat, then you may be struggling with the ways you can customize the towels to make an impact. There are a number of ways towels can be altered to include personalized images and text for various occasions; however, you must first choose whether you want the towels to be embroidered or silk screened as certain images or text will not always appear correctly with each method.

Embroidery is an imprint method that uses threads, such as satin, to weave a pattern into fabric. This method is durable, long lasting, and favored for designs that require precision and vibrancy. Embroidery was previously considered a laborious and time-consuming task, as well as expensive since customers would have to pay for each individual stitch. However, images can now be digitized to decrease production time and cost, thus making embroidery a preferred method for images such as logos for its crisp results.

On the other hand, silk screening is ideal for a wide variety of materials that can be used for custom towels. Silk screening has a rather complex process of printing one color at a time through a fine mesh and images can be increased in size, making a company's logo or a family picture more easily seen. Additionally, silk screening is less expensive than embroidery, but costs can add up if numerous colors are chosen for the image as the color, as aforementioned, is added one at a time.

Regardless of the method chosen for customizing beach towels, we can deliver on your selected image or text and exceed your expectations with our expertly and beautifully designed towels. Please contact us for more information about the benefits of silk screening and embroidery.