Determining the Construction of Custom Towels

If you were under the impression that all towels are created equally, then you are mistaken. Towels that were hastily made with poor techniques will undoubtedly fall apart after a few washes, but towels that have been painstakingly crafted will remain durable for years of use. Before your purchase custom beach towels, inquire about the construction of the materials you are buying so you can find out if it is truly worth your money.

Custom beach towels, bath towels, and other kinds of towels are created with one of the following techniques. As a note, twists make towels last longer and stand up to repeated use, while loops make the towels more absorbent.

Terry cloth
Terry cloth is considered very absorbent and is what you will find many beach towels are made of; however, it has large loops meaning it is not as durable as other materials.

Micro fiber
Made from synthetic fibers, micro fiber towels are extraordinarily absorbent as well as durable.

Zero twist
This material is very soft and plush to the touch. Since the material has no twists, it is one of the softest available, but without the present of twists it will not last very long.

This is a fairly straightforward process to make the material threads match one another and remain straight.

Ring spun
This technique combines the best of both worlds - durability and softness. Long and short fibers are woven together to provide these two desirable traits.

Two ply
As the name suggests, this uses twice the amount of yarn to create an incredibly durable material that is also heavy and very absorbent.

There are other materials available to use as custom towels. The material perfect for your needs and preferences will be different for someone else. Please contact us with any other questions concerning the construction of our towels.