Give Out Custom Towels as Party Favors

Let's face it - sometimes party favors just don't make the grade since they are often filled with things you could never imagine using that often - or at all. While some people may enjoy bubbles and other dollar store finds, these trinkets just add more junk and clutter to your home that serve no real purpose! If you are having a party in the future and you want to avoid the goody bag path that includes the aforementioned, then we have an idea for you - custom beach towels!

You may be saying, "Why would I ever purchase towels as party favors? Doesn't that seem a little boring, too?" We would agree that it would be boring if these towels were just plain and white, but we're talking custom beach towels, meaning they include embroidery or silk screening of your choosing. These towels are available in a wide selection of colors, which can be coordinated to your event.

Additionally, you can include different elements to these towels, such as images or text. Include a picture of the birthday girl or the bride to be with your order and we can silk screen the image directly onto the towels. Include text and we will embroider the date and event. After the party, the attendees will be able to use these towels for their own choosing, which makes it an incredibly sensible favor. The options are endless for customization, which makes them a versatile and practical party favor that guests will love.

If you're throwing a birthday party for yourself or a bridal shower for a friend, custom towels with the date of the event will be a hit! Everyone, especially the guest of honor, will be pleased to have a reminder of a great night with friends, family, and fun.